QuestFlags = 2
Escort quests or any other event-driven quests. If player in party, all players that can accept this quest will receive confirmation box to accept quest.

After receiving the confirmation box。Quest Accept defeat。

void WorldSession::HandleQuestConfirmAccept(WorldPacket& recv_data)

        //if (!originalPlayer->CanShareQuest(questId))

        //if (!_player->CanTakeQuest(quest, true))

After the cancellation of these two judgments statements, ok

this is not the proper fix,
you disable security checks and make quest exploitable.

the proper solution would be to implement in CanTakeQuest and CanShareQuest the cause for escort quests and check party members

3 (edited by iyweb 2015-03-16 16:15:58)

Well, you're right.
But I think these two judgments are superfluous.

Bugs belong on the bug tracker.