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Hi all... Thank God for OregonCore smile

BUt i have litle problems... I make new rev + new DB from new repository - use mmpas etc... server its fine but some big problems in Karazhan - Nightbane dont work  / spawn on hill and still stay there/ Door on Kara B its open /must be closed to kill Moroes../ and others little problems.

We have old core and DB / 2013 old i think/ and Karazhan works very well...

My question - we have problem - bad repo, db or other or some mistake in new repo and db?

Sry my english is not good but ....

Have a nice day


Seems mostly db related. Doors/Waypoints etc. I don't think karazhan has been touched in a while. If you can document a list of some of these problems we could take a look at trying to resolve them.

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I can confirm that Nightbane has worked on 2013 OC Revs, (or even older) but the other stuff like doors and such stuff was not working as far i know but i haven't testet every rev in this years wink

Nightbane could be bugged cause vmaps / mmaps stuff cause he spawns in the air, but i'm not sure, can be even a missing script or part of script