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With Zaffy and myself working away at fixing some of the recently posted bugs on our issue tracker we really haven't had the time to get familiar with a lot of the cores behaviour, mostly in regards to questing content in the Outland zones.

This is a huge part of TBC, almost as much as raiding and dungeons are and we really would like assistance in compiling a list of working quests for each zone, as well as which ones don't work, or don't work as intended.

If you're interested in helping us out, it would be much appreciated smile You can chat to us on here or through IRC.

As always, we're also looking for more developers smile If you've got a fix you think we'd find useful, please feel free to submit it and we'll be happy to add it into the core!

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Hello. I do not speak english (since I'm from Ukraine), but I could help, play on your test server (if any).

Actually there's no test server. You'll have to make a on your PC... just download and run oregon.

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