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Introducing Refer-A-Friend

We are glad to announce we now have an entire RAF feature implemented.

What is Refer-A-Friend ?
It is also known as Recruit a Friend. This feature allows you to link your account with your friend and gain certain benefits:

  • You can summon and be summoned by your Friend anywhere in the world (CD 1hour)

  • 3x Bonus XP Rate to you and your friend while you're in group and near to each other [configurable]

  • For every 2 levels your friend gains, he can grant you 1 instant level [configurable], in order to grant a level you must be higher level then your friend (referrer). This is useful for alt characters.

These features are available for two characters, which are on accounts, that are linked.


How to Configure

FIRST OF ALL APPLY ALL FILES FROM sql/updates/realmd sql/updates/world and sql/updates/characters.

There are some new options so update oregoncore.conf.dist and reconfigure.

DB Table account_referred

New table in realmd database. There are two columns id1 (referrer) and id2 (referred).
So for example if account with id 1 referred his friend with account id 2, they will be linked as follows:

INSERT INTO account_referred VALUES (1, 2)
In-Game Commands

New in-game commands are now available:

 .raf info <account>
 .raf link <linkerAcc> <linkedAcc>
 .rad unlink <linkerAcc> <linkedAcc>
 .raf summon
 .raf grantlevel
 .reload account_referred

.raf summon and .raf grantlevel
These commands exist just because blizzard has hardcoded LevelLimit to 60, so you won't be able to click Summon Friend and Grant a Level once you or your friend reach level 60 and above. You can use these commands instead.

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