As you probably have noticed, we've recently on 30.12.2014 moved to the new domain. Big Thanks goes to our donor Pirox WoW, a german wow server.

Our Hub
Get Involved!
  • help us code the core

  • help us with web development

  • create utilities that work with OregonCore

  • help us translate! We already have all prepared, we need translations for quests, item and creatures

  • help us build our wiki - it's open! Just edit/create any article and improve the wiki's quality!

  • report bugs - every project has some bugs, but in order to fix 'em, we must know about them

  • Donate - yet another way to tell you like us

Thank You!

Thank you all for being with us! Many months Oregon was 'dead', we tried to bring it to life again. And you helped us by contributing bugs, code, explanations, etc. Oregon wouldn't be the same without its community.

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe