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In patch 2.4.3, it was not and should not miss Magic spell / abilities only resists.
http://www.wowwiki.com/Miss - If there's something you can see that this school of Physical and formula (Defense Skill - Weapon Skill)
http://www.wowwiki.com/Resist- A spell which missed its target resulted in a full resist, whereas partial resists could not occur. Spell hit rating decreased the chance of getting a resist due to this difference. Means that all the Misa Magic School resists it.
Also read at the end:
Resists were the magical counterpart of Miss, Dodge, and Parry. Even though the Armor attribute and Defense skill generally affect the ability to mitigate physical damage, they were not considered resistances. However, there are some border cases; for example, the Hunter's [Arcane Shot] could be partially resisted, but a full resist is shown as a miss in the combat log.
I mean miss should not be.

Why the need for thorough Spelhita - Spell hit rating decreased the chance of getting a resist due to this difference - increases chance to hit with a spell that would not resists.
We have: Magic School has other than a standard resist, and even Miss Physical school spells.

I believe that there should be no miss in spells.
Miss in spells appeared after the latest updates.

I think that it is necessary to remove this fix: https://bitbucket.org/oregon/oregoncore … 6edb56e7fa
Because he changed the mechanics of misses in the bad side

If I'm wrong, please explain why smile

Bug Fixed https://bitbucket.org/oregon/oregoncore … 2a7d64aef5

Thank Zaffy.