Hey there, guys!

I've been messing with mangos for quite a long time ago, like in 2009, then I quit WoW and server developments as well.
Now I'm back and I've chosen this core as one of the most stable out there (looks like this).
The only question I'd like to ask is if this core is compatible to old trinity (or maybe even mangos?) websites, like registration pages, etc.

If no - where can I find fresh releases of such tools, couldn't find any for some reason.

PunBB bbcode test

Thanks in advance and thank you all for driving this wonderful project.

70% of all websites work with oregoncore, but fusionCMS is not working properly cause alot of data table do not exist in oregoncore but you can create them

For a register page i will recommend you just write a simple 10 lines of php and your done

An example of a register page you can find included in our repository
https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCor … ation_form

"if you want to do well - do it yourself" - it is inspired to create your own website!
Main page

Sorry for my bad english

Thanks, guys, I'll work some solution out then.