Hi all folks - i am really new to the scene and i am trying to make my way through by making a server for testing.
I compiled core - and after a few tries i managed to get a server up and running. What i want to ask is :

Server Logs reporting that Game Event 35 is started , Reclaiming of the Sunwell etc.

I did some research but couldn't find a proper solution to this.

Since i still try to understand how all this goes i really appreciate if u help me by saying what to do so i have all phases completed on the island when i start my server because i see hostile mobs near the npcs etc.

Also i cant see the rest of the npcs that provide the dailies .

If i remember correctly phases are like 4?

How can i do that so i dont get an event and all npcs spawn as phases are completed ?  Is something i can work in the database or before compiling core?

Thank you very much in advance .

you need to play the event (phases) like on retail then you get the final NPCs or you activate the events manualy.

as far as i remenber you need to activate the final event (maybe eventid 40) or better you look at the database, but it could be as well you need to activate all events between 35 and 40.

just try it, there is a GM command for it