I would like to ask for some help on buffing spells for classes in the core.
Where do I find them? How do I add them?
Haven't really found a tutorial, or anything related to this. The only scripting tutorials available on the web are boss scripts. Also took a look at commits on the oregoncore bitbucket, but can't really understand a few stuff.
Some help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure about this... but for info i can tell you that you can buff spell proc event and proc chance or chanined spells in the database and you can scale spell duration/proc/DOT/Direct damage from spell.dbc

C++ spell scripting i don't think oregon has that implemented like trinitycore or alteast i haven't seen it

Well, I was searching for commits and stuff, and found the PlayTBC Commits at
and they have modified spells, like Seal of Vengeance DOT got fixed, and stuff like that.
Don't know if OregonCore admins like LordUsagi are still active. He was helpful a year ago, he even helped me on skype with the server, but lately I only see Zaffy.

Also, did they merge with the PlayTBC Core?