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Dear community,

Recently we've started a 2.4.3 fun server, with the purpose of brining back the old community.
On the server the bosses in SWP and BT were unscripted, and we want them do be so.
I was looking at /scripts/Eastern Kingdoms/SunwellPlateau/ and found instance_sunwell_plateau.cpp, where I commented those lines:

65   uint64 FireBarrier;

120 FireBarrier = 0;

233 case 188075:
234      if (m_auiEncounter[2] == DONE)
235          HandleGameObject(NULL, true, pGo);
236      FireBarrier = pGo->GetGUID();
237      break;

362      case DATA_FELMYST_EVENT:
363      if (data == DONE)
364          HandleGameObject(FireBarrier, true);
365      m_auiEncounter[2] = data;
366      break;

So the question is: How do I remove the firewall behind Brutallus, so we can continue the raid?

Actually solved the problem, by changing ==done to !=done

Also, I would like to remove the wall behind M'uru