this guide, says to execute the "database.sql" file found in your server sql directory

this line makes 0 sense to me, I already created the databases in the mysql client but I also noticed the .sql files with the names
"realmd.sql" & "characters.sql" & "world.sql" are already in the oregoncore sql subfolder, so why am I creating these databases in the mysql client?

how do you "execute"?

also just below in loading world database
unpack the file that we pulled from the repo -> where is this? it's not anywhere on my drive and I followed every step correctly up until now

If you are this far it seems u have compiled the core tongue

i can see that they updated the docs u can try and look at it again
but in short terms
1) Create a database with mysql
2) Log in to the database with the program you have
3) create 3 tables (Characters / Realmd / World)
4) get character and realmd from the files and execute them by right clicking on the table
Characters -> Characters table etc etc
5) download latest world database from
6) Execute the world databse too
7) go into your config files and set up the auto updater
8) set up any other things u need and run the server

I updated the docs specifically because of this users posts here and at r/wowservers