This was the biggest WoW pirate server!
They are going to release their source code!!!!!
Maybe we can use it?

we can use it ofc if its based around the same core tho o.o or the code will have to be re-written to fit oregon
would be awesome to have all vanilla content working properly

padrewow, the tbc project is based of cmangos, and frankly i have seen their bugtracker... there are things bugged that work on oregon.
also vice versa propably, but you cant just merge code form that 1:1 to oregon.
i also mentioned their github to zaffy yesterday, he is aware of it.


Another very similar project, tbcPvP, more suited to our core than nostalgia
very active

I told about WoW CLASSIC - not TBC !
They had the best CLASSIC core

also their classic core is based on Mangos Padrewow, and i dont know if they share it, i heard "rumors" that they will give it to theluda ( former mangos admin i think? )...
well rumors are everywhere nowadays ^^
I think that OC has not any intention to "host" a classic branch since activity on TBC is already slowly nowadays due real life things of zaffy and lord.

For now, our source code may be release 30th of April (educational purposes only) in the hope that it will be useful, and that it may help developers understand how a big project like ours was handled from the inside. … mp;t=43600

well if that happens there will be tons and tons of vanilla look-a-like im so good servers out there... dont think that it will be good at all...
but we will see.

we can use their scripts for classic dungeons

true, totally true if they can be adopted 1:1, otherwise you still need to rewrite them and i think that might also take alot of time.

its not only about the scripts, certain things need to be fixed in DB or subsystems like spells ecc... its none then less a work to backport changes, but its clearly a good reference and would be nice to have.

well if somebody can gets his hands on the repo, that would be great.

this could be probably a fork (or ported stuff) from the classic server for TBC ((c)mangos)

i know its not classic and its not fully verified if this is realy related to the classic project or if scripts are ported, but it has realy a lot of forks so it cant be bad, maybe it worth a look...

Looks like Nost isn't releasing source.

no they wont.. as was expected.. tongue

Pretty much.