Hi all,

Currently Im running a server on CMaNGoS and it's really good but still a few things here and there which is not so good.
And I've been sniffing around for a new Core.

So I was just wondering how OregonCore is vs CMaNGoS? Development, stability, how much is working in terms of quest, spells and instances/raids.

Running 2.4.3 CMaNGoS

Thanks for your time smile

compared to development its 50:50, here are some things working that is not on cmangos and vice versa ( reputation spillover is a good example, we dont have that. while mangos has it for years.. )
scriptwise its almost the same.
although we have a nice scripting language in databse called smartai, basically the smartai scripts from TC can be 1:1 used on oregoncore, that makes scripts for quests and npc's alot easier and workable.

best is to just test it for yourself.
stability?? running a server with roughly 10 to 15 people online at peak brings me days and days of uptime, cant say when there are more people online..

Definitely also depends on your ideal code style, and how a community works as a whole. I find the process at cmangos is very slow. They've got pull requests that have remained dormant for years with little to no feedback or direction. Whether this allows for cleaner code on their end? Probably. But they've got a lot of potential fixes on their hands which they let sit, and this isn't the case with OregonCore.

Pull requests don't usually last longer then a week. We're always quick to give feedback. We'll accept a little bit out of our code style and make the clean up changes later (not preferred but happens usually with tabs/spaces). OregonCore also aims to be very close to TrinityCore. So a lot of the code AND codestyle will be similar in most cases, which makes switching between developing a TBC & WotLK server easier.