I really think that if Zaffy and Lord put some time in creating a guide on:

how to fix things / where to find different parts of scripts

so that people can start learning and fix small things and in time those 2-3 guides will have huge impact

-----> the docs help alot if u want to learn the core structure but as a newbie it doesn't help that much

for example u see a small bug like when in combat vanish does not apply stealth

how to fix this o.o find the function that handles stealth/vanish and combat and make a script when u cast vanish and in combat aplly stealth + improved stealth and set flag not in combat and so on.....

we can take trinitycore for example but the thing is they are a huge community and have lots of devs while we are smaller but in order to grow or fix things we have to relay on guides from other core to fix stuff on oregon

+1 , im as new found a lot of things that i dont understand and that doesnt exist in guide .realy great idea

I'm quite amused to hear that.
Perhaps more effort should be put in this and we may grow faster... docs are quite crucial but there was never enough time for that.

Rather than guides, I think documentation of all subsystems like spell system, etc would explain to any interested people how stuff works. After each there could be a few examples that would serve as a "guide". There's no universal way to fix a spell, because there are a lot of variables involved. The only way to make it out is to actually know how stuff works.

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe

i think the realy basic guide should be the "How to Install" Guide. Its in the Old Wiki and not realy up to date, maybe this should be updated, but the things requested uppon are intermediate guides then you must know some things to complete those tasks even with guides.

None then less reading code and look at other scripts to find related parts for bugged or custom scripts is the fastest way to learn, then the  mayor problems (bugs) are details and no guide can cover it all, and i i explain you a fix for a certain thing most likely you cant reuse it for 90% of the remaining problems

Desteny, wiki exists just for history reference. We now have docs. Thay are in main repo in doc/doxygen directory and updated on the fly via travis-ci.

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe

sorry i forgot it ^^ the Install guide is very good http://docs.oregon-core.net/installation_guide.html smile