Hi all,

I would like that integrating of the ANTICHEAT AC3 of this repository :

https://bitbucket.org/Dikkedeur/oregonc … /anticheat

Be added , as the warden anticheat It doesn't work
completely  , It would be good to replace.

Thank you for your attention.

Zaffy is going to implement a plugin system into OC, and we will have an officially supported AC plugin when this time comes. This way no code is hurting the core.

i have that anticheat working, but it gives false positives.

when people take a transport it constantly warns the gms ingame that there is a teleport hacker.
and there might be more.
so i vouch for a good anticheat along warden, since warden doesnt detect everything, but again it needs to be tested fully with loads of people.. this system that you posted from me is not a good one.
it might be a good starting point, but thats it tongue

To check if a player is on transport is a simple thing and essencial for anticheat on OC if you want you can take a look on the anticheat on rev ~1000 of oc repo.

It is only a bool stored in player object set to true if player starts transport and set to false on end.
Same story needed for elevators.

Then you can check the bool in anticheat code...