Hey All!

Long time no see, long time no suuport. It was about more than month I 'disappeared'.
I don't want go to details but simply I personal life didn't allow me to work on OC.

That's about to change and I and hopefully Usagi and others will continue developing, supporting and growing this awesome project and community!

So, the first I screwed up was vmaps4  (issue #1133). Although I spent enough time for testing the new vmaps I tested only new stuff not the old, I really didn't expect that geometry calculation could go bad.

But now vmap_extractor is fixed and to minimize your update time, I have uploaded both vmaps and mmaps. They are ready to  be used. Enjoy.

MMaps Download Link
VMaps Download Link

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe

great to hear and see you back, i was kinda worrying if there was something wrong.. good to see that you are back on track.
thanks for the download, that saves me alot of time.


Pls get MediaFire, some providers of Russia is a ban on the sharing.

Reupload? Well, I could but I think extracting is quicker way.

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe

How to say thank you smile