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Installed and compiled latest Oregoncore on Linux, updated the DB to the latest via the core server automatic updating.

The following two problems arise:
1) Reaching new locations doesn't say you discover them with the XP reward.
2) The world map doesn't update and unlock/remove fog for the map.

Where is this problem located? I myself thought it had to do with the data, but the core should've given me an error when loading and I've also pasted this same datadir on an older version repack on my windows PC and older compile of Oregon on my home laptop and there it worked.

If anyone can point me in the direction to solve this it would be tremendously appreciated.


In whois lists or other social tabs, the zone a player is in is always named Unknown, which I assume is related to the problem of discovering. Hope this information helps people to point me towards where the problem is.

I think u'll need to check config files and read them carefully