So i am back at developing a 2.4.3 fun server but...
When i compiled the lastest Core Rev with all the latest DB stuff i have this huge crash sad

When i spawn a custom npc in hyjal area the core sometimes crashes....when logging in if the area contains custom npcs... core crashed....not home atm to compile and crash in debug mode but i cannot proceed with server development because of this weird crash

Before a few years when i made my other custom servers this crash didn't exist o.o i had thousand of custom npc's spawned all over the world over 100+ core fixes and custom scripts only problem back then was a Grid Crash that happened randomly every 5hours to 3-4 days

so i wanted to ask if you guys think i should switch to cMangos 2.4.3 because it is currently active and from testing there myself i do not have this kind of bug... and no crashes so far i have over 2000 spawned custom npc's

reason for the suggestion is that i want to stay with oregoncore but if no one knows why this crash occures i will probably switch to cMangos.. having over 20 players waiting for me to fix this crash because they cannot play the server they like...

currenly running my server on cMangos because Oregon just.... crashes
Will be posting crashlog once i get home from work

I think (personaly, not related to facts) that some of the changes in the last years will not match with some code in your custom NPCs, it may compile but it has problems at runtime.

This cold be caused by other fixes or simply by refactoring stuff.

For me there are 2 possible ways:

- 1: Use a older version of OC, maybe the last version you know where your npcs was working, if this is stable update step by step and isolate the code causing your problems
this has the advantage of less code changes and you can instantly start and trace down the problem oder time

- 2: Move to mangos (cmangos) you have more active development and maybe less problems in certain cases, but your will miss for sure some of OC / TC working stuff, AND i think you can not use your scripts plug and play, it may need more or less work on rewriting your custom stuff

So far i have switched to Cmangos-TBC everything is working normally there so far.

One problem i have on there is that they have no custom content support like with OC / TC.
No Easy Custom Hooks for custom scripts.
Berely supports Core modding for custom content.
Some Database table are way out of date.
In order to port my scripts there i need to almost fully re-write them.
Lack of scripts for Mangos online mostly OC / TC / Arcemu so i need to yet again fully re-write them.

If i were to find any critical bugs that prevent me from developing my server stabally i plan to port all my stuff to OC yet again but downgrade the version untill i find a more stable one.

Like  for some reason player spells are not saved and they disappear on relog when learned from my scripts :X i like that the core hasnt crashed even once for now... but there is like no custom scripts support build it the core hmm might try to rollback an OC repo to try and find a stable version