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I've tried to build core, using manual from official site.
Installed all required packages.

Make fails on 83%.

I've saved make output to log file and looked for errors.

There are 3 errors:

In file included from /home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.cpp:18:0:
/home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.h:65:21: error: ‘QueryResult_AutoPtr’ has not been declared
     void LoadFromDB(QueryResult_AutoPtr result);

[ 34%] Building CXX object src/scripts/CMakeFiles/scripts.dir/EasternKingdoms/Naxxramas/boss_highlord_mograine.cpp.o
/home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.cpp: At global scope:
/home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.cpp:407:6: error: prototype for ‘void ReputationMgr::LoadFromDB(QueryResult_AutoPtr)’ does not match any in class ‘ReputationMgr’
void ReputationMgr::LoadFromDB(QueryResult_AutoPtr result)
In file included from /home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.cpp:18:0:
/home/oregoncore/src/oregoncore/src/game/ReputationMgr.h:65:10: error: candidate is: void ReputationMgr::LoadFromDB(int)
     void LoadFromDB(QueryResult_AutoPtr result);

Also I've added full log in attachments.

After sources analysis I think issue can be with ACE, but I have no idea, how to fix yet.

Any suggestions?

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Well... Adding

#include "QueryResult.h"

to ReputationMgr.h fixed the problem. It seems somewhere this include was lost after some changes in code. I'm not sure is this fix correct. Any comments ?

At the moment make install step is passed succesfully.