Hi guys! I will upload .dmp and .txt file. I dont know what's causing the problem.

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3803_oregon-core.exe_[2-12_18-58-40].dmp 436.83 kb, 3 downloads since 2017-12-03 

3803_oregon-core.exe_[2-12_18-58-40].txt 36.52 kb, 6 downloads since 2017-12-03 

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you need to compile release with debug (or debug) to get a usable stack trace


maybe on vacation big_smile wink

since 21 August?
Epic vacation

it was a ironic comment, i think its quite clear, oc has no active devs, maybe some commits or merges done, once or twice a year...

it doesnt make sense to ask for developers if noone is around. just my two cents

btw. if there are people out there using and seriously developing OC, they should group together and create a fork, like OC has done with tc1