Hello everyone! I'm desperate and this post is my last chance. I'm getting errors with the maps on the latest OC 2.4.3 rev. Here is a screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/BmThA (It is attached to the post in addition to the link since it may drop)

I believe this is from the core? I have tried everything I could think of - recompile source(using latest rev atm aswell as trying to compile the archive one but it gave errors, tho i used it's map extractor aswell and didn't work), downloading map extractors from repacks or rared folders(running normaly + as an administrator aswell), even from other wow client patches(3.3.5 for ex.), new dbc and etc. even a new DB and I got no result.
Note: Every step for a proper server installation has been done without a problem!

It happens after a player logs in, in addition to that when someone(besides me, the hoster) logs in he is unknown and has to relog at least 3-4 times to get it "fixed"(not really cuz it bugs again shortly at any time) Are these linked? Idk. Thoughts?

Tried searching the web for this problem but the only possible things mentioned are some of these that i have done and written above. I need some serious help and i'd appreciate anyone's time!

Well, it's normal it would give those errors, since there is no such map files in the first place in your release/maps folder.
So the only solution to fix it, is to fix maps and update map extractor to extract them, which won't happen anytime soon I guess.