Hey there!

I fount this tool http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread … Emu-EN-GER and this https://github.com/megasus/Namcore-Studio - for import character and accounts from Mangos\Trinity\ArcEMU , and prepare it for Mangos\Trinity\ArcEMU wink But there no word about oregonCore (as i understand Oregon its not so old project like trinity\aremu etc) so any body used this tools for import DB and preapre it to oregon? If you use another tools please publish it wink

I know i can do it by my own hands, but it`s looks like too long.

Any comments welcome!

this tool will not work, there are many changes made in the related datastructure.

maybe someone has done a script for the actual OC structure?! i don't know, but i think it would be difficult to find someone who shares it