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Hello guys! Today i try to compile OregonCore on freebsd machine and get error on cmake, it said: no "binutils", but as i know i have it installed allready (pastebin )cd /usr/ports/devel/binutils/ && make istall . I heard about "Trinity" on Mangos forums, that Trinity has hardcoded to "linux", it means give to many errors on systems like freebsd and others... ofc i am not proffesional in freebsd maybe i do something wrong, can anyone help me who have expierince with install OregonCore on FreeBSD (before i have already  compile and installed mangos-one without any problem).

This my output:

CMake Error at cmake/macros/FindBinutils.cmake:15 (MESSAGE):
  ** Binutils were not found!
  ** Your distro may provide a package for binutils e.g.  for ubuntu try
  apt-get install binutils-dev
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:59 (find_package)

Here full info of this output: http://pastebin.com/bsVrhzfi

I know (and i think so) on Linux (Ubuntu\Arch\Debian etc) i dont get the same errors, on install, and all be easy , but i realy dont want delete my freebsd system at this moment, but as offtopic, wich linux distro use OregonCore developers i mean on wich distro they deploy it and test it? Wich distro they recomend for use and wich dont recomend?