I have a very basic question, me and my friend are developing a realm on oregoncore.
We've ran into an issue, where the class trainer shows the default gossip instead of the trainer menu.
I've imported all spells to the NPC_trainer table, and set the flags of the npc to 17, however it did not work.
Anyone knows what went wrong?

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I assume you are trying to create a custom class trainer?
From the "global class trainer" i think you want a class trainer that trains ALL classes?

You set "Npcflag" to 17, so it's a trainer with extra gossip options? have you linked the gossip in "World.npc_gossip"? And the text in "world.npc_text"?

You must also set                "Trainer_Type" and                       "Class" and               "Race"
for example                                    0 (class trainer)                       1 (Warrior)               4 (Nelf)
In this case its a class trainer for Nelf Warrior's only.
You can leave "Race" empty so any race can train from the npc.

I also noticed how it seems to be impossible to create a "global" class trainer because in the field "class" you must enter the class that can interact with the trainer, i don't think you can set more than one class.

I've fixed it by setting the NPC flags to 51 thank you, it works for all classes now.