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Hi all
There is no description for table "conditions" in Wiki
This table is not the same as TrinityCore "conditions" (checked)

For example:
On TrinityCore - ConditionTypeOrReference = 17 (ACHIEVEMENT!!!)
        ConditionValue1: achievement ID from Achievement.dbc
        ConditionValue2: always 0
        ConditionValue3: always 0

But here we can see:
(more information on screenshot)

Can you add full description for this table and examples how to use it for different situations?

This will be very useful to fix DB errors like this:

2015-07-27 10:19:57 SourceEntry 33633 in `condition` table does not have any implicit target TARGET_UNIT_NEARBY_ENTRY(38) or TARGET_DST_NEARBY_ENTRY (46)                                ,TARGET_UNIT_AREA_ENTRY_SRC(7), TARGET_UNIT_AREA_ENTRY_DST(8), TARGET_UNIT_CONE_ENTRY(60), TARGET_GAMEOBJECT_NEARBY_ENTRY(40)

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+1 for a up-to-date documentation,

It helps the community a lot and makes the project more accessable for new people

I'm working on a new, better handable documentation that will be always up to date with code.- like unitflags, codition values, etc.

"A little hard-work never killed anyone important." - Abe

Is this right?


Trinitys doco is the closest thing. In the commit I mentioned "Removed phase and achievement checks and kept support for spell implicit targets by using condition 17." So just keep that in mind until our doco is up.