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We often want to add some custom items.

Just modify the database, the game will show the question marks
You need to add the corresponding DBC file in the MPQ file before you can, right?

How can it be convenient to complete the task?

i'm added custom items to DBC, but in game show question.

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the problem is that you need to use modified DBC on the client as well (you need to patch the client)

there was a realy nice topic about this question mark item problem on mangos (old mangos forum) but the post is gone, maybe ask if they have this stuff somewhere.

but generaly its easyer to re-use a already existing but not used item (there are ~1000 unused items) this can be modified without problems.

but adding a new not existing item and make it work correctly its hard, but as far as i know possible, for all except mainhand without client modding.

(remember to clear client cache if you ar modding items)

desteny, I thought the problem was there because server is sending icon id from dbc, (so if item didn't exist its unknown).

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Im created a new Item with ID 100999 (not exist in itemDB). Edited server dbc ItemDisplayInfo.dbc. But in game i see item as "Question". Cache clean. So the problem at the core server? As I remember, the patch client is not necessary if the server dbc edited.

Sorry for my bad english
Zaffy wrote:

desteny, I thought the problem was there because server is sending icon id from dbc, (so if item didn't exist its unknown).

yes thats true, but even if you send an other icon id you can maybe add items but its not working 100% for example mainhand weapons will not work (the only thing i tested ages ago)

if this is no problem the client can be unedited, but if you want to make weapons work properly you need client patch
(if not please tell me how you made it work)

non weapon items are working.

but how ever player are not able to clear cache  or have strange clients, and you can not force cache clear from server like wotlk can do, for this reason its much safer to reuse existing unused items (you can modd it like you want)

You have to make a patch for client with your edited ItemDisplayInfo.dbc or you can use addon for custom items. Just google it wink For example: http://wow.crogge.com/addons2.4.3/ItemFixAddonsV2.zip

Zaffy wrote:

desteny, I thought the problem was there because server is sending icon id from dbc, (so if item didn't exist its unknown).

First of all to determine your server is mangos or TrinityCore derivative
If it is based on trinitycore, then we modified the database, you need to add the corresponding data to the item.dbc, then to the item.dbc packaged into MPQ files, copied to the world of Warcraft client data\en\ directory. Question marks can be solved perfectly.
If it is based on mangos, then, I get the message is no need to modify the DBC file, only need to modify the 2 places,
1, item model ID
2, item icon ID
Modify these 2 aspects to solve the question mark, but I do not know where to modify the item icon ID
Item icon ID where to change?

i tested this with OC (Trinity based)

as i told, to completely resolve the problem you need to modify client tbc !! (how often i told it in this thread big_smile maybe 3 times big_smile ) but like i told as well if someone brings a other solution i would be curious about it!

item modelID and item iconID are DBC columns, you need to modify DBC, this is normaly not supported by emulator forums cause of legal problems (DBC = blizz property and its not legal to modd blizz property) hov ever in this case trinity and mangos don't takl about this in forum, don't know how OC do this stuff but i don't write more about it...

how ever, like i told, its 100 times easyer to re-use existing unused items!
if you don't know hor to edit modelID and item iconID i suggest you to use unused items!

this can be found easy if you compare item.dbc ids with loottables and start items, quest items and more (all items ind DB)
item.dbc can be converted to sql (you find stuff @google)