What to do when you experience a Crash

When a crash occurs, OregonCore will try to create a crash log. The log is located in the same directory as the oregon-core executable, in directory named Crashes..

However, you may need to recompile core in Debug. The easiest way to do this is to rerun cmake with WITH_COREDEBUG option. In graphical cmake you'll have to just check the checkbox. In console you append -DWITH_COREDEBUG=1 option. After that, recompile and restart your server.

Then you reproduce the bug and there'll be a new complete crash log with enough information, then submit it to us.
If you don't know how to reproduce the crash, just grab all the information you've got and let us know. We'll try our best to resolve it.

If you have done some custom changes to core its likely that they are the cause of the crash. If you're not sure, just remove all custom stuff and try the crash on clean latest revision. If the crash doesn't occur it means that either it was already fixed or you'll have to deal with your custom stuff so it doesn't produce a crash.

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