in 2011 a friend and I forked the latest revision of TrinityCore 2.4.3 that marked the end of support of the version 2.4.3 by TrinityCore. You probably remember that.

We wanted to build a PvP server so we wrote a ton of fixes for spells and other stuff I don't even remember now.

It's now hosted on https://github.com/worm/Trinitycore_Azshara_2.4.3

I think there's some custom stuff among the commits you probably won't need but I'm sure you can sort out the good stuff.  Of course if it's not too hacky fixed for you but I guess it can help anyway.

Hey smile I very much appreciate this. As far as I'm aware a lot of people use Oregon for a custom PVP server, so these fixes will go along way.

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You're very welcome. I hope you don't mind as it's a bit off-topic but I see you're from Canada, what city? I would like to move to Calgary or somewhere as close to mountains in the beginning of the next year. Feel free to PM me your answer if you want to keep the topic clean smile.

I live in Moncton, New Brunswick. It's a small little town. Not much happens here smile I also moved to Canada, from Australia.

I hear good things about Calgary, but haven't been able to go myself. I especially would like to see the Pure Pwnage guys.

Out of curiosity, how were the mmaps on your server? We're starting to bring them in but we've got a few issues to tackle. Just curious if there was anything we could borrow that might improve smile

Where are you from?

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I don't remember much as it was my friend who took care of their implementation.

I just know he got pretty far into it but I wouldn't be able to provide any more details.

I'm from France, no wonder you chose a place so close to the sea as an Australian tongue

Oh and I just realized we actually switched to OregonCore at some point... (https://github.com/worm/Trinitycore_Azs … 32e2facaa5) Don't know how I could forget that.

16977-Date:   Thu Dec 15 21:25:33 2011 +0100
17017:    REDA Fix Charge path & revert some broken fixs & added custom mmap files to repo.
17104-commit b86fb327b63ff217574b2463c4891ede8758b01f
19347-Date:   Tue Dec 13 19:29:40 2011 +0100
19387:    REDA Fix Huge commit, Undermap falling, mmaps update, mmaps commands, crashfix.
19472-commit 301eaf226e63e54dcb40d26a6154a2fd0dd31804
23789-Date:   Thu Nov 3 00:05:04 2011 +0100
23828:    REDA MMAPS 7: Typo
23852-commit 43b94c31c422d0033f08c1442bd89838df101074
23931-Date:   Wed Nov 2 15:13:22 2011 +0100
23970:    REDA MMAPS 6: missing dependencies from old core
24024-commit c40377777fd372eec04831e07c25a331a16ca5f8
24103-Date:   Wed Nov 2 23:37:57 2011 +0100
24142:    REDA MMAPS 5: Implementation (Pathfinding 100% mangos) MoveGen Partialy based on Reno's Backport.
24244-    *note nome quick implemntation of HasInArc in Object.cpp, need cleanup only for redundant code.
24344-    *fix map loading.
24635-Date:   Wed Oct 26 12:36:58 2011 +0200
24675:    REDA MMAPS 4: Update Collision Framework based on Mangos
24737-commit 0473089375074ef4469842f55b86274fe2987578
24816-Date:   Wed Oct 26 12:34:05 2011 +0200
24856:    REDA MMAPS 3: Update Maps / VMaps / MMaps Generator Based on latest Mangos
24936-commit fce3a7d11294537ce346398272d069dcaa1bda41
25015-Date:   Wed Nov 2 11:34:24 2011 +0100
25054:    REDA MMAPS 2: Massive OC update & movemaps implementation part 2
25124-commit 6a978e5aa452280132d5c1211df2b9540eb5ecb2
25203-Date:   Wed Nov 2 11:33:47 2011 +0100
25242:    REDA MMAPS 1: Massive OC update & movemaps implementation
25305-commit 6ae47e2b569b5109efca882e43edc751f6f1d362

tongue I love the ocean! Just not being on it for long periods of time.

Cheers for collecting the commits in one note.

You'd fit right in here with your French, although some places don't speak it and other places speak it broken.

Hello worm I would like to ask you if there is any compatible db with this source? I would like to test it.

Mid or Feed, Dondo The Supamida!

There you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfdoc1iv2atujw9/fv_world.sql

Do you think some scripts/fix will work on OREGON CORE?

Yes. We'd like for some one to sort through evidence backed fixes that aren't hacks and make pull requests.

RIght now i am working on server, i can write feedback some fixes

Much appreciated. My goal is reducing the need for seperate variations of OregonCore (BlizzlikeCore, SkyFire etc.) which get cancelled and whereas we have frequent updates. It'd be nice to merge it all into one spot.

I would also like to contribute a few fixes, but sadly making pullrequest from git to hg is a bit annoying sad you never considered moving to git?

I have, even if you submit patches though with the same kind of information (git patches work with HG too smile) We can usually take care of it, and with the author information in the git patch it transfers over to HG.