I keep getting random crashes that show in the log like below:

2016-09-10 13:41:31 SQL: UPDATE version SET core_version = 'OregonCore Rev: 3560 Hash: 3d76a21 (Win32,little-endian)', core_revision = '3560'
2016-09-10 13:41:31 SQL ERROR: Table 'world.version' doesn't exist
2016-09-10 13:41:31 SQL: SELECT db_version FROM version LIMIT 1
2016-09-10 13:41:31 query ERROR: Table 'world.version' doesn't exist
2016-09-10 13:41:33 Item (Entry: 3494) not correct 8 inventory type, must be 13 (still using DB value).

The logs continue from here will more like the below (quite a few of them)

2016-09-10 13:41:38 OSCR: RegisterSelf, but script named npc_tiny_trigger does not have ScriptName assigned in database.
2016-09-10 13:41:38 OSCR: RegisterSelf, but script named npc_icarus_trigger does not have ScriptName assigned in database.

Does the above make sense to anyone?


ERROR: Table 'world.version' doesn't exist

this error tells me that your world database isn't correct.
please follow the installation guide @wiki

I have went over the installation 3 times now (same issues each time) and must be reading the guide wrong then?

Database section:

I manually created a new DB and named it 'world'
imported world.sql from OregonCore\sql (the source folder pulled from github)
imported OregonDatabase.sql from the zip i downloaded from the below:
https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCor … seDatabase

Then set up the oregoncore.conf file to auto update the DB.

After all of this is done, the games runs smooth until one of the afore mentioned crashes.

Have I misinterpreted one of the steps?


dont import the world.sql from OregonCore\sql folder, its not needed, and can cause problems.

if you import the https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCor … seDatabase file manualy you should add the updates as well manualy.

the auto updater is designed to import the https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCor … seDatabase as well,
there is a how to do in the wiki (if i remember correctly) you need to unzip it in your sql folder and it will be imported by the auto updater.

but if you tell me the game runs without problems then its maybe not a problem of your database, the only strange thing is this message: Table 'world.version' doesn't exist seems something is missing.

try to get some crashlogs then you will know more about this crash