Hi all, your work is amazing here (for devs), so, im looking for a mall sql vendors. I lookup on google but i could't found. If anyone knows some...??!

What do you mean by mall vendor? vendor which sells whatever you want him to sell?

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Like a couple of vendors that sell Tier and Season pvp gear!

I mean a custom vendor!

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Then all you need to do is create custom NPC, and add items to him.
Tables in which you can get it done are:
1. Creature_template (here create custom npc) -> change entry of this npc to your own, model and whatever you want with him.
https://wiki.oregon-core.net/index.php/ … e_template

2. Npc_vendor table (here add items which you want him to sell) or ingame by command.

Example: I copied vendor with ENTRY: 2806. Next I changed ENTRY to my own which isn't used in Database f.e 100000. Now my Custom vendor has ENTRY: 100000. Aside from only changing entry, you can change it's model, faction, hp, mana etc. simply whatever you like. For that you can use the wiki which I pasted above, if you don't know what thing does what.

Now I have my own vendor made. So I login into the game, go to the place I want him to spawn - and type ".npc add 100000".
My vendor has been added to game. So now all I need to do is add items which I want him to sell. For that I can either use npc_vendor table and add items from there or by GM commands. I will do it easy way by GM commands. I target my vendor and I type f.e ".npc additem 28963". Now when I open my vendor to check what he sells I will see, that he sells infinite amount of "Voidheart Crown" - warlocks T4 head I think it was. If I want more items I do it the same way ".npc additem "ID OF ITEM"". And all done. If you want to set price in gold f.e, just use npc_vendor table. https://wiki.oregon-core.net/index.php/Npc_vendor It nicely describes what each field is for here too.

thank you i was a little lost about database. Thank you!