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Hello everyone!

Firstable thanks for nice server, where many feautures is work exactly as they must.

I want change arena season from 4 season to 1 season, firstable becose want to make something like "progressive" realm.  I found some information about change arena season on trinity:
# it must be added\changed in .conf file server:
Arena.ArenaSeason.ID = 1
Arena.ArenaSeason.InProgress = 1

I tried do it, but it want change items on vendors, there 4 season (brutall gladiator).

I tired make another entries in file like:
arenaseason = 1
arenaseason.ID = 1
But it want work too.

I also found this code https://github.com/OregonCore/OregonCor … renaseason but dont looks like it help to change season.

Maybe this feauters appears in new version of Trinity, and dont came here (as i know oregon came from trinity 2.4.3).

Also i tried found something about arena in Databases, but didnt find. Can someone help with this?

The fact that you have set additional parameters in .conf will not do anything. Most likely this is a patch for the arena seasons. And it does not consist of two lines in the config. Most likely this is a big patch. Look at the vastness of the Internet, something like that.

oregoncore derived from trinitycore 2.4.3 thats true, but trinity back at this time don't even had this feature. they made it over time and only for 3.3.5 branch as far as i know.

the most crucial point in this case are the vendors. trinity have saved the data for each vendor related to the season. but OC has only the 2.4.3 data. back in time not even trinity have saved 2.0 2.1 2.2 .2.3 data. and 2.4.3 was season 4 for this reason its not working.

the simple solution is to make a SQL update script for each vendor to add S1 (2-3) stuff, and do the DB update when you change the season.
as well you need to reset the rating ecc.

thats not hard to do.

OFC the correct solution would be to implement the feature / config but that will be a lot harder