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Hello, I'm trying to build TBC server. But getting this error

In file included from /home/oregon/src/OregonCore/src/game/ReputationMgr.cpp:18:0:
/home/oregon/src/OregonCore/src/game/ReputationMgr.h:65:21: error: ‘QueryResult_AutoPtr’ has not been declared
     void LoadFromDB(QueryResult_AutoPtr result);

Full output here: https://gist.github.com/Tomas-Lala/b812 … 7ce86eb748

Also when i run cmake i got

-- The CXX compiler identification is unknown

Full output here: https://gist.github.com/Tomas-Lala/192a … 2eee6fd126

I couldn't find any file named "QueryResult_AutoPtr", is it part on any library?

Ubuntu 16.04

I know, it's late for answer, but maybe somebody looking for answer on this question..
'Has not been declared' error is causing when some *.h files not included. I have faced the same problem...
See my solution: https://forums.oregon-core.net/viewtopi … 485#p16485