server installed. id found some issues in the game so i want to help the project to fix them how can i do that? for example 1 boss in BT doesnt work. some mobs are under ground.

you can do 2 things:
First search on github ( if this problem are already reported.
if not you can report them, (one problem per issue) and follow the rules for creating an issue.

the second thing you can read the code, try to understand the core and teh subsystems. there is a documentation ( for parts of it but the most is code to read and understand.

there are no detailed guides or help, but the forum is to discuss concrete code related questions.

add or modifing boss scripts is one of the simple tasks, the mobs under the ground problem is much more complicated but as far as i know this is know n and will be fixed i think

so there is an elite dragon. near bt you know that neitherspike kind or smthg like that. it is not fully under ground. so what can i do... i  delited him. and then made a copy that can stay on the ground. but how to fix the bos? how can i find him on the code tables , what paragraph is it? i saw the documentation  i didnt found anything acceptable for me. for example there is a triple faced boss in BT. how can i find him?

use .npc info command ingame to get the entry of the npc
search your database world.creature_template for this entry or search by name of the npc
if you got the row in your sql tool you see a column "script_name"
this is the related script in cpp, yust search for the string and then you see the related script class to modiy..

(note: there can  be no script name if the script is assigned by EAI or SAI for this pleade read the database documentation)
a script name can be missing completely for bosses with missing scripts, then it must be created and added, just study existing scripts.

i dont think you will find help to the specific problems, its the job of each one to look and learn the code on the own and this could be years of work....

i dont think that on other open source projects you would get more help, example, imagine you downloaded a unix open source system and managed to install it then you ask on forum how to implement a new kernel driver for a custom file system they won't even reply...

but 3faced boss in BT cant be marked as target( is there any was to take another mangos build. maybe it will be 335 but with working script for this boss... so i will copy the code from that build to mine. its a normal idea?  wtf , i cant even take that dragon to target. sunwell desnt playable at all

also onyxia works wrong((( #$%^ i want to fix all of that. can please some one tell me with big kind of information like open that , name of table , i can check the c++ by myself but idk how and where find it((((

The onyxia script you will find in here … onyxia.cpp

and where i must put it?

Neo i dont want to be rude.. but do you even know what you are doing ?
I mean you talk about fixing things but you dont even know where to look for files, let alone that you know then how to fix things.
A core with everything around it is a very complex piece of software, and you can truly excuse my english !@#$ thing up if you make a mistake somewhere.

I think the best for now is just that you play along with the game itself, find bugs and report it on the OC bugtracker..
Since at this stage we cant guide you through every proces of fixing things since you dont even know how to start your own core.

Again im not here to shoot you down or to put you down and kick you in the face, but truly all your posts i see here on OC tells me enough that you dont even have the slightest idea what you are doing.. and then i talk about even running a core and let alone fixing things.
Its not a shame that you might not be able to fix things, but we are at least happy with bug reporters too.

Have a nice day and happy bug hunting!!


in a real world. nobody know any hard thing as different sciense fields from birth right? there was one man that teached you that? what about c++. i need some help thats all and i want to help this project. i had some practice with unity engine. in UE i open my VS. thats all.i can create the code and attach it to my creature or scene. there was no sql things servers databases. so i just dont know where i can find required parameters. just say me smthgn like that

you have to open... then find .... so this is onyxia's lair script. thats all.

im not saying that you must know everything from birth, my whole goal of my essay that i wrote was to say.. start at the bottom.
dont jump right into c++ scripting.
you barely got your server running... now first gather your bugs, post them on the tracker.. see if people around oregon or community as a whole can fix them, then look on HOW its fixed, then you might get a pattern and learn from it.
then in some time go to sql fixing, then later on smartai then c++
thats just my thoughts.. it seems to me you jump right into the middle of something without even knowing what you are doing.

But i might be mistaken.. but i only judge on what i lately see from your posts..

its just a youth maximalism + russian kind of a mind) i have an enthusiasm , want to realise myself. realy thanks for you advices and you patience

You definitely should learn the basics of Object Orientated programming languages. Specifically, C++ if you're interested in contributing to oregoncore.

i can only agree @dikkedeur and @LordUsagi.
the problem is if we tell you every detail we can fix it as well by our self, or maybe even faster cause we dont need to communicate.
but there is so much work to do, we can't even teach people, none then less related to skills or experience.

both come from reading and working with code and learning c++ but this can be done by google and c++ related books but not here.

maybe some of the people out there will give courses or teach stuff even related to OC maybe for money maybe not but the project members in here have no intentions to do this.

i have gave already more help then i normaly do by answering and pointing on the code.

we normaly give feedback to realy speciffic and detailed questions with ca codebase already done but not to generic questions or basic stuff