Is there a possibility to add Eluna ( Lua ) to oregoncore?
There might be people that like to work with it...

We won't be doing it or supporting it officially. But anything is possible for someone that absolutely requires it.

too bad, i dont think eluna supports oregon directly so adding it would propably gets lots of errors then.

supporting to much scripting languages will create more problems then it resolves, thats also my opinion.

but the biggest advantages of LUA is the faster development cause of changing scripts without compiling and restarting.

i personaly suggest to take a look at TC2 in special this one: … departure/

take a look at the youtube vid. with this patch the core will be able to compile (recompile) JIT modified scripts and load it into the running core.
much much faster compiling and no server restart!

it would improve c++ development much and i think this feature would be much more useful then adding LUA to the core...
--just my 2 cents--