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Hello today i tested spells on some classes and i found that Windfury weapon on shaman is registering but does not apply damage

and i ran true the player.cpp and found this
            // do not allow proc windfury totem from yellow attacks
            if (spell && spellInfo->SpellFamilyName == SPELLFAMILY_SHAMAN && spellInfo->SpellFamilyFlags & 0x200000000LL)

it says totem but it doesn't allow it from white attacks too
ok that aside

When in a dual <---- i tested in duals and vs mobs
It works perfectly vs mobs but in duals after leaving combat it seems to cast removeauras and it's supposed to cast it on duel won or etc
When stunning / silence / root some type of CC a target
If you do not attack the target in the next 2 seconds both of the targets leave combat and upon leaving combat all debuffs auras are removed from both target
example a paladin uses repentance and start healing himself repentance lasts 2 seconds both targets leave combat and repentace is gone + all debuffs combat points etc etc etc
For me this "Bug" is critical

It seems that cast time is really buggy
i cast a spells with 2.5s cast time animation plays and the spell is casted at 1.2s O.O
any idea what is the cause of this ?
not only with 1 spell all spells

Seems like casting spells are not working as intended if i cast a 3 sec spell it will cast the effect at 1.5s tested it with a lot of spells

This bug breaks the whole balance in the server.

UPDATE: Done some testing and it seems haste is not working on the core

This bug is not only for spells but for attacks too like with a 2.60 attack speed i do the attack at 1.3s

Fixed with the latest commit