I have a favor to ask, no matter who will do it, the more the better anyway. I encountered several objects mostly with Karazhan key chain not working. What I mean they do not give an item after looting, nothing happens after use. So I just want to know if it is like that on Oregon or some my scripts broke this stuff. I already wrote scripts for those, but I would like to know if it was like that in the beginning or not. If it was, I will gladly share those fixes for it. Thanks in advance.

Object what are broke in this chain:

QUEST ENTRY INTO THE KARAZHAN: Arcane Container (Shadow Labyrinth)
QUEST_THE_SECOND_AND_THIRD_KEY_FRAGMENTS: Arcane Container (Steamvault), Arcane Container (Arcatraz)
QUEST KEANNA'S LOG: Kaenna's log (inside karazhan, middle room just before the Maiden boss, red book on table)