I saw that Smartai head was closed.. or at least that its not in the core right now.
My question, will it come to OC.
Can we test things??
maybe i did overlook it, but more information would be great.

It's not 100% complete but it's coming as far as I know.
The reason why the head was closed were unpleasant repeated merges - the head should have not been there, the commits were pushed by an accident.

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yeah thats what i thought. my other question would be, if its implemented, can we then use TC fixes on smartai 1:1 to OC??
or is it not all the same?

It's 1:1. We've made sure of that. You can check out the development branch @ https://bitbucket.org/mathman/oregoncore/commits/all

We're having an internal discussion/collection of issues arising with it such as certain events and actions that aren't functioning properly. Once we're confident we'll be pushing it to live. We've specifically been testing currently reported bugs on OUR issue tracker with SmartAI scripts already created for those quests and the results are very promising.

do i understand you correctly that when it goes live or pushed to master branch, you can already push fixes as well??

I'm sorry what?

I mean we've got a collection of fixes for issues posted once SmartAI goes live. So those'll all be fixed. Then every other thing will get fixed over time smile

thats what i ment lord, thanks for the clarification tongue