As i have speak with you guys on IRC if you can add character_stats table on the characters database so we will not need to store stats into data row from characters table from characters database. This will be much easier to fix spells that are increasing stats or decreasing.


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How would that help fixing spells? Imho if we're it we should rather get rid of the data blob and make something like character_data with readable fields instead.

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It has nothing to do with fixing spells but because he's writing a CMS he wants it.

LordUsagi wrote:

It has nothing to do with fixing spells but because he's writing a CMS he wants it.

The way it is, he wants what would you do for this engine CMS website, it would not be bad to add because he's not the only one having this issue, and many who will support, because it is used as I know Trinity Core, a good tool for the site, which uses the server kernel 3.3.5 and 2.4.3 version of WoW

Yep, it would be a good idea to split the character stats into different columns, each for a stat, like Agility, Intellect, etc etc.

It's definitely on the list of things to do.

character_stats add by Trinity Core

Not only for the CMS but there are few spells (curses) that are casts by mobs, for example rappy has found a spell bug that suppose to reduce your spell power with 300 for 30 sec. But that spell is not work as it should is not reducing your spell power and after that 30 sec you get +300 spell power.. And i meant by helping to fix spell in the idea of being easy to see in the db your character stats instead of data column on character table.

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