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Hi there,

here's going to be a list of all quests for each Outland zone, tested and checked for bugs/broken quests.

When bugs or broken quests occured, all relevant information as well as a description of the bug is provided.

Tested zones:

-Hellfire Peninsula (225 quests)
-Zangarmarsh (97 quests)
-Terokkar Forest (138 quests)

Currently testing:

-Nagrand (138 quests)

Enjoy smile


P4M & Peanut

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great job testing them!!

nice list, realy helpfull for developers, it saves a lot of testing work and id searching

good job

Yeah this is the best thing ever!

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I'm on vacation for a week. Additional zones will follow once I'm back.

p4m have  nice vacation, and thanks for doing the quest checking, its appreciated.