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I think, will be nice to add "Auto Learn Spells on LevelUp"

its pretty easy to make, i have done this by using the playercreateinfo_custom table (if still exists)

this table contains already all needed spells for lvl 70, i personaly added a column level to store the level where the player should learn this spell.

(but maybe there is the required lvl already in DBC then the table change is not even needed)

then i created a method who adds all missing spells where spelllevel <= player level and call it on lvl up (if config activated)
this is needed if you jump level like gm lvl up command or instant 70 setup

i take a look if i find my script somewhere, but i can't promise and it maybe needs rewrite for new oregon core, so maybe coding from scratch is better

May be one of this?



No both are not the way i solved the problem, but both can be ported for OregonCore.

The first script is more the way i suggested, but the way it is coded is not so good, some hacks on spell dedection and a ignore list are not so good, and needs to be redone (or rechecked) for TBC (both scripts are wotlk tc2)
and this script don't support multiple level ups (like gm commands => 1 => 70 will result in learning only spells with requirement lvl 70, but no previous learned spells)

The second Script is much better, it gets all spells from a trainer and learn it to the player char, this works for sure and this script even learns correct on multiple lvl ups.
the only thing is that it is clearly a hack to use a trainer for this, and it is needed to verify if OC has the same ObjectManager Methods like TC2 or it needs to be implemented or workaround. and the IDs need to be changed.

But if you want it quick i suggest to do it like on the second script.

BTW i dont know if OC has implemented playerscripts, but if not it can be implemented in the core by adding the method to Player::GiveLevel

Can you port the second script for OC ?

Any news? smile

You can try PlayerStart.AllSpells =1 in config, however, as it says, player start with all spells but. its good for instant 70 pvp servers...
not sure if it will learn auto spells on levelup but it should I think smile

this is not working correct on level server, i think the system should work more like the Blizz WOD spell learn system

@padrewow: sorry ATM i'm not coding, maybe someday i will do it (cause it's a interesting topic) but i cant promise u anything

If still interested, auto learn spells and talent (ranks) on level up for $20.

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Any news?

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Tried to port second patch,

but unsuccessfully
Can anyone help me?

Are PlayerScripts realy implemented in OC?
im not realy up to date on this but i have read somewhere on forums that there are stuff missing...

There are PlayerAI - is this the same?

No, PlayerAI is a npc AI who acts like a player for example mindcontrolled players or playerbots or npcs with pvp style scripts.

Playerscripts are not a AI are only eventhooks if something happens for a player...