Okay this is simple i'm making now a tool on php that can change race on a character

it's possible by directly changing the raceid from a character in the db

the problem is, if u change the character race, for example let's say it's a blood elf and i want to turn him to a human

when the changerace occurs and i login, it looks like a blood elf with human face

i think the issue is related to some data stored in the field "data" but i must figure it out from the actual oregoncore devs where i could change the appearance of a character on the database.

That's the first issue, the second issue is related to character items, the whole info is stored on character_inventory?



I would go about creating new character, really. You can then just move items, profs, etc to the new character. The reason that just changing race isn't a good idea is for example racial spells, you would have a blood elf with cannibalize ?

about the second issue - yes AFAIK

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Yeah it's stuff to do with the data blob. Once we move from data blob to proper fields it might make it easier to default to a normal looking value for that race and then have an available barber in the game. You could also handle the whole race change through an ingame script also.

the script i'm making is removing all racials at once, and then placing the correct ones.

i just want to know in witch part of the data field i can find the values that change the appearance of a character

Try barber shop scripts, or this other script amir had posted.

Race/Gender Changer


Also, to answer your question specifically.

36    UNIT_FIELD_BYTES_0    ( race ) | ( class_ << 8 ) | ( gender << 16 ) | ( powertype << 24 )
http://oregoncore.lunar.sk/wiki/index.p … table.html

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